For our Brand Ambassadors program we are looking to partner up with extraordinary women worldwide for long-term collaborations. Good things take time and we're in it for the long haul.Some of the perks we offer are: 25% off any item, exclusive access to collections pre-launch, invites to virtual and physical community events, features and mentions on our socials and in selected brand communications, invitations to Bunnye VIP workouts, guest participation at our photoshoots on location and much more.

We're looking for you if:

a). You love working out and lead a balanced & active lifestyle

b). You are strong, independent and fearless; #bossbabe

c). You have a unique sense of style and aesthetic; you make your own rules

d). You love engaging with your community and use your voice to inspire others

e). Content creation is your playground; photos, vlogging, TikToks, you name it!

How it works:

a). Please submit your application for review, highlighting your interest in our company, why you think you'd be a good fit to the program, and how you'd see yourself contributing. Simply reach out to us using the contacts on the website.

b). Next, you will hear from our team within 10 working days, and if we'd like to collaborate you will receive a mini brief with guidelines, ideas and examples of content we'd like to see from you

c). You can count on us promoting you regularly on our social media channels and in various brand communications (such as our newsletter, blog, in interviews and different press engagements)

d). If you're a fitness professional of any kind, we'd love to facilitate together different community workout sessions, either virtual or in dreamy locations!

e). We'd love to hold space for you to share with the community more about your life, your journey, your favourite self-care rituals and healthy routines! How about an Insta takeover, an interview for our journal, creating a mixtape, or perhaps a podcast collab? 

f). We will agree on a set number of IG posts we expect from you over the course of the collaboration; usually partnerships span minimum one year, during which we expect at least 10 posts on your end. You'll kindly have to tag our IG account and use the #bunnyemovement hashtag

g). As brand ambassador you are invited to list this in your IG bio; feel free to get creative about it

h). We are delighted to offer you a special discount code that you can share with your community

We hold ourselves and our partners at the highest standards or professionalism and we aim to set a positive example for our community. We expect you to be respectful, honest and kind. Excellence, transparency and authenticity are key values for our brand. Should you at any point fail to meet the set terms of the agreement, or make inappropriate, demeaning or hurtful remarks towards others (especially vulnerable or marginalised groups), we reserve the right to terminate the agreement immediately.  

Thank you so much for your interest in joining our community and we can't wait to hear from you. 

Please e-mail us at: